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Retirement Schemes


Most people neglect their retirement plans for too long, and get an unpleasant surprise when their retirement gets near. Don't make that mistake. Book a consultation with me today to plan for your retirement.

Savings Plan

Planning for the future now is a smart financial move and it leads you to becoming Future Safe, too!

Here's a simple money-saving tip that you can do: save your bonuses, tax refunds, or any other unexpected money surpluses to your savings instead of immediately spending them. 

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Meet Clarice Bagas

Hello, my name is Clarice. I'm a Licensed Financial Advisor of Pru Life UK and a call center agent at the same time. I am a mother of 2 handsome kids, and at the very young age I have discovered how beautiful life is when you endure all the pain and hardship.

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We Are The People That Do “We DO” is a clarion call to the Doers inside all of us. Our “We DO” campaign celebrates the power of the human spirit and is inspired by the innovative drive and optimism in today’s generation of customers. We call it “We DO”, because we are focused on you. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to progress in life, and we are committed to being your trusted partner as you pursue your passions and navigate life's milestones. We share your pioneering spirit by driving innovation in everything we do. Every day, we serve your evolving health and protection needs, by listening, understanding and most importantly, delivering.


To achieve your goals by saving up for the future.


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